About Us

There is only one rule here; We drink Vodka on Sunday.

Hello, and welcome to Vodka Sunday! This online trading company was founded by a group of vodka lovers, such as yourself, and we are passionate about making every Sunday awesome and living life to the fullest. With the extra help of vodka, of course.

Vodka Sunday was first thought of during a drunk Sunday night after we drank way too many vodka lemonades. Though the hangover sucked, it was totally worth it because it has led us to our successful business you see today. Who said vodka hinders your creative side? Though yes, we love our Sunday vodka, that is not all we do. Out of our total profits, 10% is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, because we believe in contributing to a greater cause.

So, get comfortable and stick around for a while. Take some time to shop our inventory and keep an eye out for new drops as we expand. In the end, whether you mix it, shoot it, or guzzle straight from the bottle, we welcome you, and we are excited to build a wonderful community together. Feel free to follow us on all social media!

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