About Us

There is only one rule here; We drink Vodka on Sunday.

Hello, and welcome to Vodka Sunday! This online trading company was founded by a group of vodka lovers, such as yourself, and we are passionate about making every Sunday awesome and living life to the fullest. With the extra help of vodka, of course.

Vodka Sunday was conceived during a hilarious Sunday out with good friends.  We drank lemonade vodka all day and didn't have a care in the world. These Sunday trysts soon became a weekly adventure. Fast forward a few years later amidst the global pandemic I found myself down the Jersey shore.  My Girlfriend Victoria made me a shirt with the words “Vodka Sunday” on it and the clothing brand was born!


Vodka Sunday isn’t just about having a few frosty beverages... It is about extending the weekend fun through Sunday night with your close friends and family. We believe Sundays should be fun-days, not a preparation for the dreaded work week. But Vodka Sunday is not just a constant party, we also believe in helping our fellow man as well as mother earth. We have committed to donating 10% of our profits to the Wounded Warrior Project.

So, get comfortable and stick around for a while. Take some time to shop our inventory and keep an eye out for new drops as we expand. In the end, whether you mix it, shoot it, or guzzle straight from the bottle, we welcome you, and we are excited to build a wonderful community together. Feel free to follow us on all social media!

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